Care Of My Soul

by Mark Spiro

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the oil that pushed the machine forward....


Care Of My Soul

There's a small craft warning on the sea today
A red breast robin with her eggs to lay
A cloud cover covering the light of the sun
There's the Tale of Two Cities couldn't live either one

I ain't talking about anything spiritually
This ain't aerobics of the mind
It's just between you and me
If I don't take a little bit of time off just for myself
I'll be no good for anybody else

I gotta take care of my soul
I gotta take care of my soul

It's definitely wintertime, It's long after the fall
And if I fell from grace I felt two feet tall
I can't live another day like this
Somethings gotta budge
Cause there's a chip on my shoulder and I'm holding a grudge
cause I gave and I gave and I dug and I dug
And there's a hole in my life and Mud on the rug

I gotta take care of my soul
I gotta take care of my soul

I've been angry and hurt, but i got it off my chest
Cause that's a carcinogenic way of living at best
Can't keep looking for the future best be in the present tense
So if i need a little silence it just makes pulmonary sense

I ain't gonna clean the attic, I ain't gonna mow the lawn
My head is full of static from the road that i've been on
So let the snow pile up the driveway, let the weeds invade the grass
And thank God almighty I'm free at last

I gotta take care of my soul
I gotta take care of my soul

This ain't mind over matter, this ain't matter over truth
But I think I lost the feelings in my fingers and my youth
This God forsaken paper and this God forsaken pen
Surely I would stop it if I could now and then
Put a chain link round my property and cuffs around my wrists
Is there any anesthetic that relieves a clenching fist
There's a fishing lodge that's calling me a fleet of 40 boats
And I'll miss the house and kids it's true but you I'll miss the most

But you've seen the way I lie awake
and the circles round my eyes
And you I need to take a break
Cause all to well you realize
I gotta take Care Of My Soul


released August 7, 2013
Tim Pierce, Jamey Jaz, Keven Wyatt, Jimmy Keagan...and me



all rights reserved


Mark Spiro Carlsbad, California

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