"Dream Big Pray Hard"

by Mark Spiro



When you dream big...watch out it's gonna hurt.. but it's so worth it...


"Dream Big Pray Hard"

I grew up in the shadow of a steeple
And a little stained glass.
I learned about Jesus
While my Momma was kicking my ass

Cause she could never break me or make me
Do anything that I should
And I wish I would have listened
Cause nobody ever said it so good
She said, you've got a heart, it's made for breaking
Life is a gift, give more than your taking

And Know you gotta
Dream Big , Pray Hard
Don't be a Firefly stuck in a Jar
Always keep learning to love who you are
Dream Big Pray Hard

Dream Big Pray Hard
You're already there cause you already are
Loved by the power that shines in those Stars
So Dream Big, Pray Hard

When I got a little older
My Momma caught me drowning in doubts
She said have a little faith
Stop trying to figure everything out

Cause we all want to be loved and belong
To somebody who understands
You've been trying to control it but you couldn't
Now you know that you can't
And Honey since you've got a heart, it's made for breaking
You got a gift, give more than your taking

And don't forget to..Dream Big Pray Hard

So now I'm gonna give it up, and let it go
A muscle my strength and let the wind blow
I'm may fall in love, or fall apart
But I've got faith and all that i know is…


released January 26, 2012


tags: rock Carlsbad


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Mark Spiro Carlsbad, California

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