King Arthur

by Mark Spiro



King Arthur

Hopes and Dreams of a white picket fence
Rings and churches dollars and cents
Sundays bridesmaid dresses in red
Honey moon suites and breakfast in bed

I never did see the weeds among the garden
Or the roses that died
And now the rose is saying goodbye

This is the part
Where King Arthur get left in the cold
He's a man without a hand to hold
And this is the part where
Sir Lancelot sleeps with the Queen
There's a hole between reality and dreams

Working mothers day care to pay
Father figures back in AA
Climbing ladders nickels and dimes
Diamond watches can't tell the time

The time you didn't spend between the times
You worked your fingers to the bone
But now you'll get some time of your own

Romance railway runs off it's track
Six digit income won't buy it back
Fishing and ballgames time for yourself
She'll find time for somebody else

*this is the part where the great big king
gets a hole in the heart and the itty bitty queen
Takes a man with some soul where the angels sing
And happy ever after don't mean a thing


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Mark Spiro Carlsbad, California

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